2 Hearts: The Lacy Jo Miller Foundation©
"Bringing Peace, Healing and Promise to both sides of Violence..."

Welcome to the Lacy Jo Miller Foundation Official Site©, in honor of Lacy Jo Miller, 1982-2003.

Bringing Peace, Healing and Promise to both sides of violence... Preventing, Promoting and Procuring change for the empowerment of Survivors. 

The vision of 2 Hearts is to be the bridge organization that works with survivors of violent crimes... both the victim and offender's families...and to give on-going meaningful support to deal with grief, loss, healing and restoration. Violence prevention is a key factor in our mission to restore peace in the community.

Our goal is to empower, educate and support those affected by violent crime. Our major area of focus is violence prevention. Currently, we are working with Realistic Safety Solutions to educate women and parents about strategies to prevent attacks... and if there is an attack, we teach how to do what is necessary to escape and survive. 2 Hearts provides training seminars throughout the year. We are also currently working with Nicole Sundine and the Loan Tree Police department to change police impersonation policies in the state and in our country.

Wendy, the founder of 2Hearts, is available to speak with families who have experienced losing their child to a violent crime. Realizing that until a person has actually experienced this kind of loss, it is difficult to understand and be able to transition through the daunting mountain of grief. 

Wendy is available to speak to and work with probation departments, at-risk programs, half-way houses, youth groups and high schools to explain the negative impact of offender's choices on primary survivors as well as secondary survivors of violent crimes. She will bring an understanding of restorative justice as a better way to affect change for survivors on both sides of a violent crime.



Wendy Cohen is the founding director of 2 Hearts: The Lacy Jo Miller Foundation. As a high school teacher for the past 25 years, she has extensive experience working with at risk youth. Wendy is the mother of Lacy Miller.
When her daughter was murdered in 2003, Wendy fought to change current laws regarding police impersonation and possession of police lights. Her efforts to promote safety awareness are ongoing. Wendy believes that all citizens, especially children, need safety education every year so that they can be empowered to understand what to do in the event of a dangerous encounter.
Wendy also is an advocate for restorative justice. She speaks with the big brother of the boy who killed her daughter. Together, these two show others what it is like to be on both sides of a violent crime in the hopes that offenders will make better choices and that those on both sides can begin to forgive and heal.




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Our Board Members:

President: Wendy Cohen, Founding Director

Vice President: Dr. Don Unger

Secretary/Treasurer: Bernadette Martinez

Dr. Oscar Felix

Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Carlson

Dr. Nat Kees